Wake up refreshed! The best essential oils for sweet dreams

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Seems like everyone is having issues with sleep. Either they can’t fall asleep or they can’t stay asleep. Either way, it’s wreaking havoc on our daily lives. People are walking around like zombies and guzzling caffeine just to stay awake in the afternoon.
Do you need a jolt of caffeine when you wake-up? Do you wake up feeling like you are dragging through your morning? There are many things you can do to get a good night’s rest, like blocking blue light in the evenings (hint, turn off the cell phone!), having a low carb light snack before bedtime, and limiting caffeine in the afternoons and evenings. One of my very favorite ways to ensure a deep, refreshing sleep is to use essential oils at bedtime.
Before I found essential oils I used to wake up every morning at 3 am. I would toss and turn, waiting to fall back asleep. The oils changed that for me. Now I sleep hard and always wake up feeling rested. I don’t drag myself out of bed anymore, dreading my day. I am able to hop, well almost hop.. out of bed and face my day, chipper as a bird!
I use them two different ways for sleep issues, aromatically and topically. For aromatic use, I use a diffuser. I have one on my nightstand that runs for 8 full hours. I use sleep oils in it, plus some for immune support and respiratory support. If you tend to wake up stuffy, the oils that make breathing easier are a must for nighttime diffusing.
Diffuser recipe for waking refreshed:
2 drops of lavender
2 drops cedarwood
2 drops of eucalyptus
2 drops of clove
For topical use, I have mixed up my own blend and use a roller bottle for easy application. I use strictly relaxing oils in this blend and apply it every night to my chest, behind my ears, back of my neck and even my wrists.
Roller bottle recipe for sweet dreams:
In a 10ml roller bottle combine-
20 drops of lavender
20 drops of bergamot
10 drops of cedarwood
10 drops of vetiver
Top off with fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil.
I always recommend that you dilute essential oils when you apply them topically. They are extremely potent and you want to avoid developing a sensitivity over time.
So that is my bedtime essential oil routine! I hope you give it a try and help me spread my mission to get essential oils in every home by sharing this article with your friends or anyone that you think might crave good sleep. Leave a comment below if you have other suggestions for sound sleep.

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