Out With the YUCK, In With the Ahhh…

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2 Comments on “Out With the YUCK, In With the Ahhh…”

    1. Juan

      Since my ideas have already been coreved by others (vanilla and flowers), I started thinking outside the box (as they say).The least silly is putting a container of something nice smelling on a heat source like an old style TV or on top of the fridge. If it was warm enough it would activate the smells.Something a little sillier is to start baking ! There is nothing so yummy as the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls or an apple pie.What if you could invent something that would smell pretty when wet, but in a natural, healthy way. Like if you take a shower, when the humidity hit the paint on the walls they gave off a nice gentle smell.Or when the furnace (or air conditioner) kicks in the filter is embedded with a light lemony smell.For really silliness, if they could create a breed of dog or cat that would give off a nice smell when petted But on a more serious note, some people are highly allergic (myself included) to potpourri so I would be careful not to overdo it as it could trigger problems over time, or for visitors.

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