My Love Affair With Vetiver Essential Oil

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Okay, so my title is a little extreme but I am not kidding. This amazing root is sourced in Haiti and is known as the “oil of Tranquility”. No wonder I love it so. Vetiver essential oil has so many uses. These are my top five:


  1. Focus and concentration. I dab a drop topically or in the diffuser when I need to get some work done.
  2. Restful sleep. I include this oil in my roller bottle I use at night for satisfying, deep, restful sleep.
  3. Skin tone. Did you know that vetiver works to lessen scars and gives your skin even color? It even helps reduce stretch marks.
  4. Easing sadness. I combine it with Melissa essential oil and diffuse or apply topically to pulse points.
  5. Emotional balance. Vetiver is perfect for going from ungrounded to rooted.

Vetiver also blends well with Lavender, Sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. It is one of the main ingredients for the reassuring blend Peace, that I use. Have you tried Vetiver Essential Oil? Leave me a compliant comment (no disease names!) and let me know how you used it!

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