I am so grateful to Christine for introducing me to essential oils. Our family’s overall health has been transformed and my own essential oil business is flourishing thanks to being part of her team and her awesome mentorship!Becky Wolfe, Campbell River, BC, Canada
When I finally came to my senses and made the decision to join an essential oil company, I had two options:

1) I could join through my best friend of 10 years who is using the products for a couple years and really likes them, or

2) I could join through Christine, a Facebook friend and classmate who I’d never met, but who genuinely showed knowledge and enthusiasm for the products, for the company, and for her team.

For me the choice was obvious, and my decision to join Team Essential Freedom proves to have been the right one day after day after day as my own knowledge grows and as I watch my town team now grow and flourish! My original intention was to just have some natural solutions to offer my health coaching clients, but as my excitement for this company grows, now my essential oil business is my business, and I do health coaching on the side!Jillaine Eastridge, Kasson, MN

Christine Merritt has been an inspiration to me in many ways. She has a magnetic personality and a ready smile at any given time. She encourages me to do my very best in my essential oils business as well as IIN nutrition program! I met Christine at a networking luncheon and we exchanged business cards and set up an essential oil party at her house! That was it, I was hooked! I am not the most productive consultant on the block but Christine makes me feel like I’m super woman with endless possibilities. She also is responsible for inspiring me to enroll in IIN! I want to be a Health Coach and take my potential to the next level! I am shy by nature but Christine quite literally has taken me by the hand and encouraged and inspired me to follow my dreams and become all that she believes I can be. I can’t thank you enough, Christine! I thank God for placing us together at that luncheon. Together we will accomplish great things.Connie Wood, Richmond, TX
Christine Merritt is someone who I trust implicitly, not because she has been my friend for 30+ years, but because of her conviction and dedication in everything that she does. She is not only qualified to help you, but she wants to help you. For her, it’s not just about making a living, that is secondary, she truly loves to help others get healthy, both physically and mentally. She has taught my husband and I, wonderful skills, and as a result of proper nutrition, exercise, incorporated with the use of essential oils for health concerns, cooking, and well-being, we have the tools to live more vibrant, healthier lives. More importantly however, we can now teach our boys, so that they will be healthier as well. I am proud to be a part of her Essential Oil team! Since using the essential oil company’s pure fish oil, my husband, a trim and physically fit, age 40, who has low HDL, (your good cholesterol), has boosted his level, five points, in only a few short months!! If it had not been for Christine, we would have kept using OTC supplements that do not absorb well, in the body. This is a true blessing, for what we thought, and were told by our doctor, that was really nothing that would help, except exercise and eating right. Wrong!! The fish oil rocks!! It has not only helped my husband with HDL, but my nine year old who has eczema, now takes the fish oil, and it has really helped him as well. We couldn’t be more pleased.Kim L. Bosse, Washington, TX