My Love Affair With Vetiver Essential Oil

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Okay, so my title is a little extreme but I am not kidding. This amazing root is sourced in Haiti and is known as the “oil of Tranquility”. No wonder I love it so. Vetiver essential oil has so many uses. These are my top five:   Focus and concentration. I dab a drop topically or in the diffuser when … Read More

Wake up refreshed! The best essential oils for sweet dreams

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Seems like everyone is having issues with sleep. Either they can’t fall asleep or they can’t stay asleep. Either way, it’s wreaking havoc on our daily lives. People are walking around like zombies and guzzling caffeine just to stay awake in the afternoon. Do you need a jolt of caffeine when you wake-up? Do you wake up feeling like you are dragging through … Read More

Autoimmune Is Not A Diagnosis

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I haven’t felt good lately. In fact, I have felt bad off and on my entire adult life. I look back and think about the times I have gotten sick and many times growing up I caught “bugs” (stomach bugs, cold bugs). Then as a teen, the very first time I got “drunk” (Boones Farm wine, UGH, who remembers Strawberry … Read More

The Skinny on the Elimination Diet

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When you realize that your digestion is much less than optimal and you feel terrible, it is time to do something about it. I got to that point and started noticing that I had symptoms like gassiness, bloating, constipation, and sharp cramp-like pains that started happening a lot. I knew I needed a reliable way to find out WHY this … Read More

Life is science class? It can be and let’s experiment.

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I discovered one certain principal, and it changed my life. Food is medicine. I didn’t believe it at first. I tried not to care. And the more I resisted, the more I realized, this food is making me feel like crap! It wasn’t outside influences that were making my stomach hurt, making me have chronic sinus infections and giving me … Read More