Balancing Work and Family While Creating a Kick-ass Income

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I’m a regular mom.

I’m helping my 22-year-old daughter navigate becoming an adult. My 7-year-old son just wants to play Minecraft and eat all day long. I have goals and intentions for myself and have to fight the fight daily to keep from comparing myself to all of the online “experts” who have built 6 figure incomes overnight. That’s not me.
I’m the mom on the phone with my daughter trying to set an example and give advice. I’m the mom having “light saber” fights with my boy and 5 minutes later I’m on the phone with a business contact, inspiring change.
The biggest breakthroughs for me in my at home business occur when I let go of comparison and just be myself. Every mom that I get on the phone with can relate to me when I tell them about the daily struggle to balance work and family time.
I do know that the biggest blessing of all is being able to be there for my kids. They love me even when I’m not the perfect mom. My at home business is bringing in the extra income that makes it possible for my monthly rent to be paid. I see the possibility of my extra income covering all of my living expenses and that is what drives me to keep working at it every day.
To find out more about what I do and how I have built a health and wellness business that pays my rent, send me an email at
If you are a mom working an at home biz, leave a comment below if you can relate to this article! I love to hear from my mompreneur sisters!!

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